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Rewards Program Overview
Automotive Dealers Rewards is a program designed to reward our current customers for their support and use of our products. It is also intended to encourage others to join the increasing number of dealers that recognize the value of using products designed to assist them in growing their businesses. The program is based upon a points system. A point is earned for each product dollar spent with Automotive Dealers Resource (ADR). Once a Rewards account reaches a minimum of $250.00, you become eligible for a $5.00 credit towards that your next order of ADR products.

Rewards Program Details
The Rewards Program starts with your visit to this website. This website explains the Rewards Program and allows you to sign up. Once the signup form is completed, you will receive a virtual Rewards Membership Card with your unique rewards number. To activate the Rewards Program, during checkout you will be asked for your rewards number which will be applied to the purchase and recorded in your file on the Rewards Website. You can login to the Rewards Website to see a listing of your rewards account, select your preferred reward threshold and, if necessary, to change your personal settings.

Once your account reaches the purchase threshold you have set, a coupon code will be generated and an email will be sent to you with the coupon code and the reward amount. That coupon can then be provided to an ADR employee or the code can be entered on line for credit toward your next product purchase.

How You Earn rewards
Purchase point thresholds may be set at 250, 500, 1000 or 2000. For 250 points, you will be rewarded $5.00; for 500 points, $10.00; for 1000 points, $20.00; and for 2000 points $40.00 toward your next ADR product purchase.

Product and service exceptions to the Rewards Program include those items for which prices are dictated by others such as: taxes; shipping; bonds; insurance; guide books; etc.

We appreciate your business and this is just our way of saying "Thank You".
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